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Automobile Usability Testing
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Usability Testing
About Project
A multi-national automobile manufacturing company wanted to test the Design viability of a new alert system for their luxury segment vehicles to be launched Asian Market.
To observe the user Behaviour under different conditions with the parameters of Cognition, Acceptance and Reach. Also How Culture & Environment impacts the understanding of the functionalities?
Testing Environment
Vehicle was tested in Natural Environment (to the extent possible) in calm road and broad daylight condition; while other pedestrians/vehicles were passing by the testing vehicle.
Testing Equipments
Vehicle was provided with the prototype installed. Prototype was simulated for different scenarios with various alerts “Visual”, “Audio” and “Haptics”.
Testing Summary
The various touch points on user preferences, cultural impact, segment variance and the enhancements required were provided based on the exhaustive usability testing done on different user segments ranging from children, teenagers, adults, parents and elderly.
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