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About Project
A worldwide NGO approached us for thier PoC on tablet based application for children in under-previlidged countries which will be used on shared tablets by multiple children.
Kids should be encouraged and motivated through our designs which will help them to think and grow with joy in their early age
Target Audience
Kids of age 6 - 12
Coordinators who takes care of kids
The platform should encourage students and motivate them in what they do and enable them to do things that makes them happy with the help of the technology.
The Challenge
The challenge was to create a intuitive prototype which the kids can use to create new things and show their love for their donors.
- Character specific interface themes.
- Simple and Enjoyable interactive games for learning reducing difficulty
- Functionalities that lets them show their love and engage with their sponsors in a much easy and fun way.
- Age specific features to cater a larger crowd
- Remote data loading to allow usage even in regions of no network connectivity
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