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About Project
The platform allows to collect different source of reviews by business that enables a better reach through customer voice. All in one platform allows to keep track of different social media platform in the same place.
Our Primary objective is to resurrect idea of "Word of Mouth" to merge with Consumer Advocacy that can enable endless possibilities.
Target Audience
Start up business owners who are looking to expand their customer engagement. ustomer support team, Marketing heads of established businesses.
Enabling Customer engagement, Marketing Campaigns, Surveys, Social Proofing and Engagement, all in one place to track the Customer Advocacy over a period of time.
- Fast and Simple Design
- Track Activity and Daily Tasks
- Motivation & Appreciation
- Reliable Platform
- Interactive Environment
- Getting Testimonials
- Social Status
- Getting Testimonials
- Scattered Management
- Manual Work
- Losing Track of Customers
- Feedback Mechanism
Discovery & Analysis
We started from "Zero". Knowing how word of mouth spreads was worth probing the chapters of history. Discoveries were quite interesting based on why people follow certain behaviours of promoting Product/services organically instead of doing it online.- Reliable Platform
- Interactive environment
- Getting Testimonials
- Social Status
Converting qualitative and quantitative data collected from research into design solutions
With the gathered data, We go ahead with the process of Information architecture, Task-flows, Wire frames, Feature mapping, prototyping to match our conceptual model to user's mental models.
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