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A Conglomerate with global operation approached us for an Engineering Portal that would serve as a Dashboard for showcasing all their previous Construction Portfolio. This would be predominantly used be the Engireening and Marketing team for sales pitches.
Our aim was to solve and ease the process of find-ability and to create multi leveled navigation system.
Target Audience
Engineers, Folks from sales department who want to showcase maintain the repository of accomplishments in a single place.
We devised a one-stop solution for the repeated tasks by analysing the various segments involved in the usage of proposed portal. Based on the inputs we found the predominant user group would be using the application in bigger screens like projectors and the portals interactions were designed to support the Sales team.
Focus areas
Due to the nature of the project it had volumes of numeric data which required representation in Graphical Interface to better comprehend the numeric data by comparison and trends.
- Preparing proposal presentation for every pitch
- Searching previous project details from huge repository
- Multiple version of presentations
- Access to required data spontaneously
- Interpretation of humongous numeric data
Converting qualitative and quantitative data collected from research into design solutions
With the gathered data, We go ahead with the process of Information architecture, Task-flows, Wire frames, Feature mapping, prototyping to match our conceptual model to user’s mental models.
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