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About Project
Marriages and family events are more emotionally connected to people’s lives in India; and the current generation is ready to outsource the events and sit back to enjoy a peaceful event without the hassles of organizing themselves. Connecting the dots between these two segments is the role of the platform.
Our aim was to make the process more personal and reducing the stress involved while making important decisions
Target Audience
Venue Managers/Owners, Decorators, Photographers, Make-up artists, Stage Performers, Fashion Designers, Individuals Corporates in search of venue or event vendors
Helping the user to select the best Venue, Caterer, Photographer, Decorator, etc for their event by providing social proof, reviews from trusted sources, previous works, budget and comparison.
100 +Users Interviewed
25 vendors
25 venue owners and Managers
50 Customers / Clients
- Shortlisted set of services that match your budget and spl. occasion
- Break down of the total cost for the service
- Similar works, Testimonials, Videos
- Team members, Portfolio
- Contact inline, Request call via phone
- Decidophobia, Dilemma of selecting an option
- Not having a clarity on the cost of the service
- How skilled is this service provider?
- How many events have they done in past?
- What is the track record of this service provider?
- How to get in touch with the right service provider?
Converting qualitative and quantitative data collected from research into design solutions
With the gathered data, We go ahead with the process of Information architecture, Task-flows, Wire frames, Feature mapping, prototyping to match our conceptual model to user’s mental models
At the stage of wireframe we validated a lot of concepts that help the user’s decision making
Converting the wireframe into visual Design
Rebranding to match with the vision of the business
Logo Story
Balloons depict celebration, for all kinds of events. Right from Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, etc And because event management is all about gathering at a place to celebrate. Location plays a vital role
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