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To adapt organic food as a Lifestyle
Service Catered
Mobile App
UX and UI
About Project
With a shift towards organic food consumption by people, and increased middle-men commissions the life of a normal farmer becomes worse day by day.
This platform helps the local farming communities to produce food based on customer demand and deliver them directly avoiding the middle-men thus creating a sustainable and happy farming community.
The idea was no to just help consumers buy organic food from the farmer but to build a platform where homemakers can share their culinary skills and learn from others
Target Audience
Local farming community which are close by the city
Organic food consumers
Inorganic food consumers
Help users to plan their cooking menu and help them buy the right vegetables and groceries that they need for their entire week or month.
Also to share their recipies with the community and learn from fellow homemakers.
20 +Users Interviewed
Organic food consumers
Inorganic food consumer
Environment friendly people
- Weekly pre-planned vegetable + groceries list for the whole famil
- A place to buy goods in fast and easy way
- A Food Chart to avoid "daily new recipe" confusion
- Health benefits of the Goods and Recipes
- Recipe suggestions based on Taste, Quality, Time, Health
- Planning what vegetables to buy for the week
- Identifying the right authentic shops that sells quality products
- Don’t have knowledge about how much quantity to buy for family
- Finds it difficult to do all the purchases all alone
- Difficult to find and cook new and tasty dishes every now and then
Understanding user behaviour through qualitative research helped in designing interesting solutions for users
Diving deep into the user journey unravelled their pain points their emotions and challenges that the under go.
This was handy in the further stages of design which included wire framing the concepts and building a prototypes which was tested for feedbacks by iterations.
Prototyping the ideas by building low fidelity wireframes
One of the initial that arose through the ideating sessions is to build a feature that helps people to plan their weekly menu and get the right amount of vegetables that's needed for the entire week to avoid last minute panic and confusions of what to cook.
Build a design system that could be used through their multiple user portals
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