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A designers platform for creative upskill
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About Project
Platform for designers, design aspirants/students and mentor to collaborate and share their ideology, design methods, process and uplift their skills in the Design domain.
The way designers need to be evaluated is by looking at their skills and not their years of experience, this is the base idea that this platform was designed upon
Target Audience
Aspiring designers
Freshers in Design
Experienced Designers
Mentors in Design
The entire platform and its features were based on the one base idea. The strategy is to encourage designers to showcase the different skills related to design and learn from the community and grow together.
50 +Users Interviewed
Career Shifters
Knowledge Seekers
Job Hunters
Experienced Designers
Design Mentors
- Awareness among younger generation on Creative Job
- Understand how the field works
- Need a mentor to Guide
- Portfolio review by experts
- Know current trends and new methods to debate with Industry vetrans
- Finding the right people to learn from
- If the portfolio that they do is up to industry standards
- To know people who are in the industries that one is interested in
- To know what kind of work does a designer do in different offices
- Difficult to find and cook new and tasty dishes every now and then
User interviews and focus groups helps to gain more clarity on user behaviours
With the gathered data we started by ideating solutions in a systematic approach. With several possible solutions at hand we started by building low fidelity prototypes which was iterated and tested with know users and build them with our quality engineers to take it to the real world.
The visual language for the platform was based on the mood boards developed through the design process
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